Welcome to the Watford Martial Arts Hub.

Hi everyone!

I started this page as a way to communicate about martial arts with the people of Watford.

Martial Arts is an amazing hobby or even lifestyle, it has changed many people’s lives – including my own! However in todays world we have a huge choice of clubs and styles and it can sometimes be overwhelming! I mean… Where to start? How do we choose a style?

Well this blog is designed around helping with those matters. On a weekly basis we will be discussing different styles, their utility, and what they can do for you! Perhaps you’re looking for a fun fitness based style? Maybe you have decided you want to compete and are wondering what competitions may entail… Or perhaps you just LOVE every aspect of the sport and want to discuss and immerse yourself in it.

Welcome to Watford’s main point of call for Martial Arts; welcome to a regularly updated blog all about Martial Arts and what you need to know. Welcome Home.

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